What is Garbage Collection?

Garbage collection vehicles make regular stops in each neighborhood, indicating their readiness by sounding a horn or ringing a bell. Residents then bring their waste to the car. Some collectors accept tips. Workers are employed by private garbage companies like that contract with the city for trash and recycling services. They receive steady, regular raises and benefits like holidays, health insurance, and a pension.

How it works

junk removalGarbage collection (or rubbish collection as it is called in the UK) sees household waste collected from bins by local authority workers and taken away for recycling or disposal. This happens weekly or fortnightly depending on your area. Your local authority will send out emails or leave leaflets through your door telling you when your trash day is. It is important to check this timetable during holidays as garbage and recycling collections may vary.

Typically, waste is taken to a central rubbish transfer station where it is loaded into a larger vehicle for transport to a regional processing or disposal site. This may be an open-top trailer designed to hold several rubbish vehicles or a compactor-type station where waste is loaded into smaller closed containers. The emptied rubbish containers are then stacked in a truck and transported to the disposal site.

Garbage is picked up by the Department of Sanitation (DSNY). It is one of the few large cities that funds its trash collection entirely out of general tax revenues rather than charging a per-trash fee. This is not without controversy because it does not connect the amount of garbage that a resident produces to the cost they pay for rubbish removal and disposal.

In July, DSNY announced that it would be changing the times that residents can place their trash out for pickup. The goal is to drastically reduce the number of hours that refuse sits around, which will help prevent rodents from breeding in it. Residents will now be able to put out their trash two hours later than before. Bundled cardboard, which does not attract rats, can be put out an hour earlier if it stays in a secure container with a lid.

What you can put in your bin

There are a number of things you can and cannot put in your rubbish, recycling or garden waste bins. Please make sure your bin is only filled up to the level where the lid can still close. Overfilled bins can cause a mess and the crew will not collect them. It’s also important not to put any items that aren’t allowed in the bins or boxes into them as this can cause problems when we recycle or compost them. For example, you can’t put hard plastics that scrunch easily into a ball, such as chip packets and plastic bags into your recycling bin. These go in your garbage bin instead.

We have developed a handy guide to help you know what goes in each bin. You can find it here and use it to help you reduce the amount of waste you produce.

If you have a shared bin or individual bins and caddies, you must keep the lid closed at all times (except when placing rubbish inside) to prevent the spread of any germs or unwanted insects that may be found within it. Leaving bins open can result in waste and smells impacting on the community and may lead to fines for residents who do not follow their duty of care.

If you are doing some DIY at home and require a large quantity of building materials for disposal, then you can discard up to one cubic yard (two full construction wheelbarrows or (2) 96 gallon toters) of building waste weekly on household garbage collection day. The waste must be contained in a sturdy, weatherproof container that is clearly marked as your own.

When it should be put out

Garbage should be placed out on the curb by 7pm the night before collection, but can be put out two hours earlier if it is contained in a container that keeps it closed. Any bags of rubbish that are left out before this time may be considered fly-tipping and could result in a fine.

New York City is taking steps to drastically reduce the number of hours trash is sitting on its streets after being collected. The city’s Department of Sanitation says it will push back the time garbage, recycling and organics can be placed out at the curb. Currently, buildings and residents are allowed to place their refuse out for collection starting at 4 pm the day before a scheduled pickup, which is the earliest set-out time of any major American city. The new rule, which will take effect on April 1, would move the start time to 8 pm. The move comes as the city struggles with a growing rat problem caused by trash bags that invite rodents.

The change will affect nearly a million households and businesses. In addition to reducing the amount of time rubbish is on the street, it will also help save money by reducing the cost of waste disposal. Currently, the city spends about $2 million annually to haul away garbage from its streets. The city hopes the shift will cut that number by about half.

A similar shift will be implemented in the city’s recycling programs, which will see collection days pushed back as well. This will give the city more opportunities to sort and process recyclable materials. It will also mean more recycling will be taken out of the city’s landfills.

For residents who are unable to fit all of their rubbish into their grey bin or refuse sacks, the council offers a fortnightly collection service using sacks. This can be arranged for free by calling the council or visiting its website. The council also has a dedicated page where it updates people about disruptions to rubbish collections due to bad weather.

How much it costs

The cost of rubbish collection varies a lot, depending on the service and where you live. In general, you’ll pay more if your rubbish is bigger or more frequent. Some services also charge extra for certain items, such as fridges or mattresses. Others will include a set volume allowance in their quotes and charge more if you go over that.

Most councils have a website where you can see their charges. You can also ask your local authority for more information. Private rubbish removal companies are often cheaper than councils and will charge based on how much waste you have. However, it’s important to remember that you should always compare quotes and read the fine print before choosing a company.

Generally, household rubbish is collected once a week. However, you can hire a skip for larger amounts of waste, or use a recycling centre. Recycling centres often have small entry fees, while landfill sites can have large ones.

In New York City, residents pay a fee that covers the cost of collecting and disposing of municipal trash. This fee, known as the residential garbage rate, is included in water and sewage bills. In addition, residents are encouraged to recycle and reuse whenever possible.

The city spent $1.5 billion in fiscal year 2013 to collect and dispose of trash and public garbage. The majority of that expense was financed from general city revenue.

While it is a big expense, New York City is unique among the largest cities in the U.S. and five largest cities in developed countries in that it does not charge a variable garbage fee to its residents.

In other cities, variable garbage fees are used to encourage recycling, provide a stable source of funding for new solid waste infrastructure and to offset the cost of a fixed rate.

The Bloomberg Administration proposed a variation on the fee model in 2012, which would have charged large non-profits variable rates based on their waste generation. But opposition from the City Council blocked implementation.



Pressure Washing – How to Keep Your Exterior Clean and Pest-Free

Summerville Pressure Washing Pros are a powerful cleaning method that can quickly blast away dirt, mildew, and other grimy substances. It is especially useful for surfaces that would be difficult to clean with a brush or regular water alone, such as siding or a driveway.Pressure Washing

The latter uses heated water to separate a power washer from a normal water jet. The nozzle should always be kept at a safe distance to prevent damage.

When dirt, grime, mildew, moss, and other substances build up on the outside of buildings or outdoor items, they eat away at surfaces and can cause corrosion. They can also damage paint, concrete sealant, and more, which is why it’s so important to have them removed before they do any real harm. Luckily, pressure washing is a quick and easy way to clean these contaminants off of exterior surfaces.

To use a pressure washer, you’ll need to select the right type of nozzle for the job. A narrow nozzle produces a concentrated stream for stubborn stains, while a wider nozzle can cover larger areas for general cleaning. You can also choose to add a cleaning agent to the water stream to enhance its effectiveness, but it’s essential to test the product on a small area first to make sure it doesn’t damage the surface.

A professional power washing service uses the best equipment and knowledge to safely and quickly remove grime, moss, and other contaminants from exterior building surfaces. They can also help prepare a surface for a new coat of paint or stain, which will prolong the life of the material. It’s always a good idea to get a professional power wash done before you start any renovations on your home or business.

In addition to making a commercial or residential property look its best, cleaning the outside of a building with pressure washing is an effective way to prevent rot and decay. It’s also a great way to boost curb appeal and attract customers to a business or restaurant.

Keeping the outside of your home or business well-maintained will increase its value and lifespan, so it’s important to invest in regular pressure washing. The high-powered sprays of water can remove a variety of contaminates without damaging the surface underneath. With proper preparation and safety precautions, as well as selecting the right nozzle for the job, you can achieve remarkable results. This is a fast, affordable, and environmentally friendly method for enhancing curb appeal and ensuring a healthy indoor and outdoor environment.

It Removes Algae

Algae can be hard to remove manually. It clings to concrete surfaces, particularly those that are shaded and moist. It also stains the surface and makes it look unsightly. This is one reason it’s important to pressure wash regularly. A regular cleaning will keep algae from becoming a problem for your home or business.

Algal buildup is most common on the north side of your house and around window frames and trim. It’s also prone to growing on walkways, decks, patios and pool areas. It can also stain home siding. It’s important to pressure wash the area thoroughly to kill any existing algae and prevent future growth.

To prevent algae from returning after a power washing, it’s best to use a non-toxic algae, moss and mildew remover. This product can be found in most major hardware stores and will clean the concrete, as well as kill any remaining spores. Look for a non-toxic solution that’s safe for people, pets and plants. It’s important to follow the instructions on the bottle to ensure proper application.

After the concrete is clean, it’s important to treat it with a concrete sealer. This will help keep the moisture from penetrating the concrete and causing future problems.

When choosing a concrete sealant, you’ll want to make sure it’s safe for your specific type of concrete and that it’s compatible with your pressure washer. You’ll also need to select a nozzle that fits the concrete surface. For most surfaces, a 25 degree green or yellow nozzle is suitable.

While it’s possible to clean the concrete yourself with a hose and a bit of soapy water, it’s a lot safer and more effective to hire a professional. Falling from a ladder is one of the most common household accidents and it’s best not to take the chance. Plus, letting a pro handle the task will save you time and money. Contact Complete Power Washing for a quote. They will safely and effectively remove any algae from your property at a competitive price. They’ll even add a treatment that inhibits future growth for a long period of time.

It Removes Pests

Having a clean exterior is important, but so is keeping it pest-free. Aside from the obvious health issues that come with bug infestations, they can also cause damage to your property and home. And as most people who have had to deal with these insects know, they can be quite pesky and hard to get rid of.

Getting your house regularly power washed helps prevent pests from finding their way into the house and can save you thousands of dollars in exterminator costs. It will also help keep your family safe by removing bugs, such as stink bugs, beetles, ants, hornets, and more that are attracted to moist dark places where mold and mildew grow.

If left unattended, these growths can lead to a number of problems for homeowners, including rotting wood, discolored siding, and even weakened foundations. But a good yearly cleaning with the power washer can prevent these problems from occurring and kill any mold or mildew spores that could eventually infest your house.

In addition, regular pressure washing will evict pests from the crevices around your home and porches. This can be a huge relief for those who have to continuously spray their homes with chemical pesticides to keep out insects. Using the pressure wash will force these pests to find other places for their homes and make them more reluctant to return to the area.

While pressure washing is a great way to remove dirt, grime, and debris from surfaces, it can be dangerous if not done correctly. Using a pressure washer improperly can cause a number of different problems, such as stripping away the shingles on your roof or knocking over and damaging delicate plants that are in close proximity to the house. It can also be dangerous to use on certain materials, such as brick or shingles that aren’t designed to withstand high amounts of water pressure.

Professional handymen have the training and experience to understand how much water is needed, what type of pressure to apply, and how to avoid damaging different types of surfaces. They will also use detergents that are biodegradable and safe for the environment, so they don’t rinse grime and chemicals into the soil or sewer system, where they can do damage to wildlife and plants.

It Removes Paint

If you’re planning to repaint, it’s always best to pressure wash the surface before handing the paintbrush. This gets rid of loose paint and helps the new coat adhere properly. It also saves time and effort if you’re working on a large area. It’s important to note, however, that not all paint can be removed by pressure washing alone. If the paint is thick enough or the wood underneath it is too dense, the pressurized water can gouge the material beneath, causing costly damage.

To prevent this, it’s important to use the right nozzle for your job. For most surfaces, a 15 or 25-degree green or yellow tip nozzle is the safest option. These nozzles emit less pressure and can get into crevices to clean out debris without damaging the surface. Moreover, you’ll want to be cautious while pressure washing painted surfaces and never aim directly at the paint. This could cause it to chip and peel, thereby ruining the finish of your building.

Regular pressure washing helps prevent the buildup of harmful substances, allowing you to avoid expensive and time-consuming repairs. It also keeps your family safe by blasting away slippery algae and other substances that may cause falls. And of course, it’s a great way to boost your home’s value by making it look brand new.

Whether you’re looking for ways to spruce up your commercial or residential property, it’s worth considering professional pressure washing services. These professionals know exactly how to use the machine and what settings to choose for each situation. They’ll help you get the most out of your investment and give your property a new lease on life.

Before you start cleaning or stripping, make sure to clear the area you’re working on of any plants, furniture or decorations that could be damaged by the high-pressure spray. You should also wear a dust mask or respirator and eye protection. Also, never try to pressure wash while standing on a ladder. The powerful recoil can throw you off balance and potentially cause serious injury. It’s also a good idea to bar access to the area you’re working on so that no one accidentally gets hit by the blasts of water.

Mobile Marketing Success And Tips For Achieving It



Mobile marketing can be an important part of your business. You need to do all of your research, so that you don’t wind up losing a ton of money or even losing any of your customers. There are some tips listed below to help you to begin creating your marketing plan.


Try using QR codes in your mobile marketing. QR stands for ‘quick response’, and the codes themselves are akin to bar codes. They can be scanned by most mobile devices on the market to reveal a message. QR codes are an excellent way to build interactive and engaging mobile campaigns with your target audience. Link the code to a special offer, discount or giveaway message to create real buzz for your brand!


Use QR codes to attract customers. QR codes are scannable codes that take a customer to whatever site you link them to. These should be large and clear so that the mobile phones have no difficulty reading them. Customers love ease and simplicity, so if you hook your site up to one of these it will get used.


Remember that text messaging should really be used to retain customers. Customers that already purchase from you are usually more willing to receive direct messaging from you than new ones. Use this to your advantage by offering special deals to current customers. They will feel special from receiving the extra attention.


Never send a message that has not been requested. These unsolicited texts are known as spam, and they can cause a lot of problems for you. Spamming is illegal in most cases, and if you text someone without their explicit permission, you can face hefty fines and other major issues.


Mobile marketing can be very rewarding, but it can also be a lot of work. Regardless, if you know what to do and how to market smarter, you can help your business grow. So, do yourself a favor by doing your research and applying the tips in this article, to your mobile marketing plan.

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